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I like the idea of the bugs. Its a way of thought that should be followed more often. The music gets kind of repetetive after just a short while. The animations jitter a bit, but are otherwise cute.

I am myself not really a fan of these type of games, but you did pretty good with this one.

Good entry.

Yeah, the music was from a license-free library so there wasn't much we could do. And those are the first animations outside artschool that I've done as well.

I'm glad you liked it tho, even if these kind of games isn't your cup of tea c:

Interesting concept... i got stuck a few times before i got the hang of it...


Cool game, I liked the level design because it showed mechanics without telling the player. It would have been nice to see where one exits the level though.

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yeah, the art fell behind schedule, we even had to scrap some NPCs completely because their animations would not be finished in time. That is the reason the last level has a gigantic empty space at the begginig: there is where the NPC was supposed to be, It  was a shame since their behavior was fully written


I love it! and I love the art and music in it.